"Beneath Stars" Plot Structure Diagram.

Oops! I forgot to post my progress on my new Fanfiction Romance titled "Beneath Stars" here on my website. (I managed to post it on Tumblr and Facebook but not here strangely. Ha!)

The story is based on "The Elder Scrolls Online" planet called Nirn. It deals with my OC (Original Character) Naelith Rosewind, a Boser (Wood Elf), and her encounter and growing relationship with the Altmer (High Elf) Prince Naemon. The story takes the reader through the world and the events of Tamriel as well as through the experiences and point of view the main characters undergo. And along the way, the reader is swept up in the unpredictable ride of emotions and relationship between the two.

Edorenel on Ko-Fi.

Greetings, my beloved fans! I wish to inform I have joined Ko-Fi, a great and free support page for creators of the realm of Art. :) In this case, I'm a writer. If you, my fan, enjoy any of my writings, please support me by buying me a coffee. Click on the provided button below.

The Small and Sweet Pleasures of Writing.

At this instant, I find it most peculiar and intriguing that something as simple as organizing my writing binder can be quite pleasing. Or is this simply me? Ha, ha! No matter, I do find this pleasing. Not only does it help my ever-imaginative mind sort itself out, but I love seeing my thoughts laid out on paper and printed worksheets. I find such methods not only make the entire binder of my works professional and organized, but it makes everything look clean and beautiful.