"Why do you Write?"

There is a universal, common question asked of all writers: why do you write? Here is my answer to an excellent question:

I write because writing is liberating, fun, and I can freely allow my imaginations, voice, thoughts, etc. run around unhindered. I can experiment and it's completely okay to do so because what I write are my worlds, my own characters with their own personalities and stories. Writing calms me. Writing decreases my stress. Writing sorts out my complex and intelligent brain. Writing is freedom, to me. Writing is the beating of my heart. Writing is limitless, unbound, unpredictable, exciting. Writing, also, helps me understand myself better from within. Things come out that otherwise would not appear through any other means.

My heart grows anxious and overjoyed to see where my writing, my words take me. I feel understood and heard through writing. I don't feel judged in my writings, even when I receive constructive criticism. My heart becomes excited like a gi…

"How do you Push Through when the Writing gets Hard?"

I decided to share with my fans and fellow writers my response to the Facebook writing group I'm a part of called "7 Day Creative Writing Challenge". It is with hope and intent that it helps fellow fresh writers out there. The question is as follows: How do you push through when the writing gets hard?

I push through when the writing gets hard by taking a small break. Years ago when I was new to writing seriously for my career and dream (after discovering writing is what I wanted to do with my life), I always thought breaks were bad for writers--like we were committing a heinous crime. But they're not bad. In fact, they're helpful! I've found that they've helped me. But don't stop writing if you know what I mean! Never stop writing.

If snippets are all you can dish out on a day, then write those snippets. There are simply days where the brain is just dry, other days where amazing ideas are simply gushing out like a broken faucet. On the days my brain …

"Peculiar Occurrences" Chapter 03.

A brand new chapter, the third piece of a five-piece short story, is published! Enjoy, my beloved fans and fellow readers. Set during the American Revolutionary War, this story is about miscellaneous occurrences between the infamous British Lt. Col. Banastre Tarleton of Liverpool, England and Marietta Lockhart of Brunswick, North Carolina. This short story goes hand-in-hand with my Fiction Romance novel (a w.i.p.) titled Memory of a Kiss.

Read here: "Peculiar Occurrences" by Lorene Aurelia Holderfield.